Outlook for 2014 on the footwear market is positive

Even if 2013 was not brilliant the outlook for the German market in 2014 is good. In its half-yearly report, the German footwear association HDS-L announces that the euro crisis of the European Union has now been overcome, employment level in Germany is very high and consumers are again willing to go shopping. According to a recent survey of the Ifo Institute, German footwear firms have plenty of orders and good expectations for the coming months as regards both export and and sales on the domestic market.
The positive trend has already had an effect on footwear imports that in 2013 saw a growth of 6.2% for a total of 570 million pairs, 52% of which came from China. An increase also of footwear imports from Italy, growing by 10% in value with an average price of 27.25 euro (+2.5%) rising to 37.3 euro in footwear with leather uppers, the average prices of which increased last year by 2.23 euro a pair.
As to trends on the domestic market, according to BDSE the German retailers association, there was a sales increase of 1% despite a cold spring and very mild winter.
A more detailed analysis shows better results for big chain stores 8+2%) and a downturn (-1%) for smaller retailers.
The growth rate is decidedly higher for online sales (+15% in 2013) that see an increment of 12%.
A figure that continues to preoccupy retailers who, nevertheless expect progress in traditional sales of 2% for the current year.

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