Simac Tanning Tech ended the 2019 edition in contrast with the situation of the international economic situation: a large turnout of visitors, at the same record levels of February 2018 when signs of a slowdown that characterised the second half of last year had not yet occurred, with very clear ideas about the machines and technologies to be searched.

But let’s hear some comments from the voice of some protagonists, in particular from those present at the Tanning Tech exhibition. Mauro Bergozza of BERGI:  “I frankly expected less people, before the fair we were all worried about the price fall of the crude and the demand for leather, as well as about the international geopolitical situation. We were therefore pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of visits we had from the first day on”.

Another protagonist of the machinery sector, Mauro Pellizzari of GEMATA, has the same opinion: “Given the rather low expectations related to a not particularly brilliant start of the year, I would say that the good turnout at the fair has pleasantly surprised us”.

We also noted similar observations among chemical auxiliary producers.

“I am not so optimistic by nature – admits Piera Lotti of Finikem – but I changed my mind about this Tanning Tech. We have had interesting visits and lots of good contacts that give us hope for the rest of the year”.

Also Andrea Meucci of DERMACOLOR feels satisfied: “It has been an interesting fair, we had so many people from day one. Chinese missed but we knew this given the proximity to the Chinese New Year”.

“The exhibitors’ commitment to present high-performance, safe, eco-compatible systems and technologies capable of responding to any production requirement was awarded”, says Gabriella Marchioni Bocca, chairman of Simac Tanning Tech – that the Italian industry, which represents approximately 50% of the world export of the sector, has started and intends to pursue with much commitment. It is no coincidence that ASSOMAC, the association that represents producers for footwear technologies, leather goods and tannery, has given life to the project “Supplier of Sustainable Technologies”, of which Green Label is a concrete, voluntary and certified element by a third party to attest the impact in terms of CFP (carbon footprint) of the machines produced by companies”.

Great satisfaction comes also from the 160 operators who were part of the foreign delegations invited thanks to the collaboration started with ICE Agenzia, whose chairman, Carlo Ferro, visited the event. All operators – from Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Egypt, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Vietnam – were impressed by the high level of machines and technologies exhibited in the stands.

“In our country – said significantly a footwear entrepreneur, member of the Chinese delegation – we have understood that the solution to remain competitive, also due to the increase in general costs, is the use of ever more efficient production systems. And the most innovative solutions are found only here in Milan at Simac Tanning Tech”.

Positive comments coming from Uzbekistan’s operators, a country where, also thanks to public financing, large investments are in progress in the tanning and footwear sectors, were also of great interest.
Considering that after China, Vietnam is the second largest exporter of footwear in the world, the Vietnames delegation of two officials from the Ministry of Industry came to Italy to “study new technology opportunities of Industry 4.0” and awaiting to launch ad hoc measures to facilitate the import of innovative technologies.

Now we await the results of the follow up of the event. Will the strong interest shown at the Milan fair turn into contracts in the near future? Much will depend on the international economic situation: the various financial, currency and geopolitical “turbulences”; the “trade war on duties” between Beijing and Washington, which fortunately seems fading away; or the “resilience” of important countries such as India and Indonesia where this year are held general elections.