Gemata is a great story, made up of goals and successes that few companies have. The Veneto-based company, world leader in the production of roller finishing machines, takes part in the forthcoming edition of Simac Tanning Tech exhibition with the launch of a new release paper finishing system with a very low environmental impact: the Greenfinish system. A plant that is “new” thanks to the introduction of the Greenstar roller machine even if it is part of a past solution studied by Gemata more than fifteen years ago.
Gianni Maitan, CEO of the company, says: “The release paper systems were introduced many years ago to produce the synthetic leathers and to finish the splits. Gemata was the first company to launch a release paper finishing system with the adhesive deposited directly to the leather. The patent filed by Gemata and Gidue in 1995. Recently other companies have started to launch similar systems using the technical drawings of our machines on their brochures and on their websites. Due to this Gemata has been forced to act legally to end this unfair competition”.
Being the leader means exposing to similar risks but Gemata has always continued to invest in the research and development of new machines, by proposing innovations over innovations.
The CEO Gianni Maitan says: “Gemata has started to install Ecofinish systems since last year: they are release paper finishing systems supplied by the Spraystar spray booth, Stardrier-IR infrared ovens and traditional systems with diathermic oil ovens. The latest ECOFINISH systems installed by Gemata in renowned tanneries (some owned by famous fashion brands) are shorter and easier to manage”.
Greenfinish is the green evolution of Ecofinish: this solution renews the release paper finishing system thanks to the roller coating machine Greenstar to deposit the adhesive on the leather directly.
The use of the roller coating machine (in place of the spray booth) and the low consumption of infrared ovens creates the perfect mix to guarantee economic, technical and ecological benefits. Among these we remember the significant reduction in electricity and water energy consumption, the use of small quantities of adhesive chemical product, the reuse of the release paper up to 100 times thanks to the use of the Starline-R roller coating machine, zero emissions into the atmosphere thanks to the Greenstar roller coating machine.

Being the leader and creating new stories is a pride: for this reason the company’s technicians are already studying new solutions for the automotive industry which is increasingly green-oriented.