The development of sustainable products has always characterised the spirit of SYN-BIOS SPA, a well-known company in the Veneto tanning sector that has established itself on the world leather market as a specialist in the design of leather dye systems with water-based formulations, which offer the maximum performances in terms of chemical-physical resistance. A commitment towards respect for the environment, testified by concrete facts and actions. With the spirit of concretely contributing to environmental protection and safety in the handling of chemical products, for some years now, Syn-Bios has pursued and obtained the objective of ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Certification.
In the first months of 2020, the Venetian company also joined the mission of the ZDHC foundation, acronym for Zero Discharge of Hazardous chemicals, which involves the compliance of products with a list of restricted chemical substances (MRSL) and the registration of chemical auxiliaries on a digital platform, called Gateway. After registering to the Gateway, the interested customers can access the information published by Syn-Bios to ensure their product safety.
“We fully adhere to the ZDHC programme, because we have always been sensitive to the harmful substances elimination from the production cycle both with regard to people health and their release into the environment”.
This way, Syn-Bios aims at guaranteeing the end user that the products fully comply with the strictest regulations and that they can be safely purchased, being aware of using a safer formulation, with a particular regard to the environment. By using these formulations, customers will have the certainty that the articles they will produce fully comply with the limits set for the substances listed in the MRSL vers. 2.0 and that consequently the waste water from production processes will not affect the environment and surrounding communities.
In terms of product innovations, we recall the real revolution represented by the launch of the range of inks for drum dyeing, INK FOR LEATHER®. The winning idea consists in the total replacement, both in penetration and in top dyeing, of traditional dyestuffs with the new proposal of the inks for drum dyeing (aniline) with water-based inks. They have excellent chemical-physical properties, which are manifested by maximum light fastness and migration to PVC, together with a low environmental impact, as there is no release of salts in waste water and no development of banned aromatic amines.
Thanks to their chemical nature, during fixation INK FOR LEATHER® colours are adsorbed on leather allowing to obtain a totally exhausted bath, avoiding colour contamination of sewage. Particular attention has been given in the selection of no dangerous raw materials in a way to develop formulations with no danger classification for human health and environment. INK FOR LEATHER® SPRAY was created to complete the product range of drum dyeing, which includes water-based inks to correct the colour tone obtained in the finishing phase comparable to finishing aniline. The chemical-physical colour fastness is at the highest level, while maintaining transparency and brilliance. The series of METAL-FREE® pigments, suitable for making leathers according to the definition reported in UNI EN 15987:2015 regulation [“Animal hide converted into leather, whose total content of all tanning metals in leather (Cr, Al, Ti, Zr, Fe) is less than or equal to 0,1% (mass of the amount of all metals/total dry weight of the leather)”] is another novelty proposed by Syn-Bios. The tones of the line cover the entire colour range, ensuring maximum colour strength as well as high coverage degree. The range guarantees the utmost chemical-physical fastness values in order to obtain a metal-free article suitable for leather goods, footwear, upholstery as well as automotive.The little drum used for INK dyeing.

Drum dyed leather with the INK FOR LEATHER ink range
The little drum used for INK dyeing