From the post-Covid period, Dermacolor headquarterd in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa), specialised in the design and manufacture of chemical products for leather processing, both for the wet and finishing phase, brings important innovations. “In the last 15 months we have not just been concerned with company costs – specifies the technical director Andrea Meucci – On the contrary, we have focused even more on the research and development of new products and production processes in order to improve the impact on the environment. Already at the end of December we went out on the market with a new certified process line called D-Light Blue, which obtained the ISO 17033-2019 certification of ethical claims and which allows us to skip the so-called pickel phase, the more impactful phase compared to chrome tanning, with significant advantages on the environmental and social sustainability of the production process and with significant savings on production times and costs. Immediately afterwards we developed Future Fit, a process that enables tanneries to produce and make their leather biodegradable for wastewater and composting”.

Valentina Palagini and Andrea Meucci drive the company

Problems were of course not lacking during the pandemic. “In many respects these 15 months have been difficult to manage – Meucci acknowledges – The coronavirus has complicated plans, forcing us to abruptly slow down in contacts and turnover, but we have tried to adapt quickly to change by reshaping our programmes and today we notice that our efforts have been appreciated”.
On the eve of the summer closure and the September appointments, expectations rise again. “The market is still moving slowly – adds Meucci – but it is important that at least it is moving. This is clearly related to the whole sector. We hope that the vaccination campaign will finally manage to slow down and reduce the spread of the virus, in order to thus resume a ‘normal’ life. This would allow us to be able to count on growth for the second half of 2021. In the meantime, we try to use all our knowledge to get back into the game and make a qualitative leap at the moment of resumption. International fairs have been lacking in terms of new contacts and bonds that are created or strengthened there. We miss the enocounter and the closeness with our customers, especially those far away we have not been able to visit in this period nor meet outside the fair”.

Above, the internal warehouse

Dermacolor headquarters at Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa)