In the last months, the research and development activities of Gemata were focused about the project of a new machine more technically performing and less impacting on the environment.
The thirty years of experience acquired by Gemata as a leader in the leather finishing sector, the analysis of its machines portfolio and about the demands of tanneries and, finally, the study about the environmental perfomances led the design process of GREENSTARs.
GREENSTARs is the roller machine to finish in syncro and in reverse any kind of leather: cowhides for footwear and leather goods, very light sheepskins (0.4 mm) for clothing and automotive crusts. The machine guarantees a covering effect and an extreme precision of application, even on very defective leathers and with high thickness variations.
Thanks to the particular design solution adopted, GREENSTARs makes possible to detach the leathers without any type of roller conveyor or mechanical device, eliminating any contamination of the flesh side of the hides; moreover, being completely free of vibrations, it eliminates the stripes on the coated film. In fact, more and more often, customers require application solutions that emphasize both sides of the leather, creating a finished product of higher quality than in the past.
The improvement of the leathers detachment process was possible thanks to an innovative geometry of the machine, which is composed of a motorized rubber belt, a large diameter chromed roller and a return roller conveyor with a smaller diameter that facilitates detachment and the deposit of the leather exiting the roller machine.
In specific, the special rubber conveyor belt can be placed at 4 different angles for the finishing of any kind of leathers, it ensures a better application of the chemical product, it increases the accuracy in the coating area and thus the finishing quality; in addition, to prevent the conveyor belt from deforming or losing its shape due to the change of angle, a system has also been patented that keeps the tension of the conveyor belt constant in all its different positions, extending its durability and reliability over time.
GREENSTARs provides for an original movement of the doctor blade: from an arc geometry of the previous models to a horizontal and calibrated movement system which keeps the roller flow rate constant, ensuring a uniform coverage with a positioning that automatically compensate the doctor blade consumption.
The large contrast roller guarantees uniform coverage and, being in chromed steel, is equipped with a scraper, also in steel, which avoids the accumulation of dirt on the surface of the roller: this ensures that neither on the chromed roller nor on the internal face of the conveyor belt can adhere residues of dirt that damage the quality of the coating but also easier, quicker and more accurate cleaning operations.
From an ergonomic point of view, GREENSTARs has been equipped with a more intuitive and simple blade adjustment system while the conveyor belt of the introduction spreader has been lowered and slightly inclined to contain the height of the operator's work surface.
GREENSTARs, in its standard version, provides for the use of Long Life cylinders, available in several dozen different engraving types and capacity, which help and optimize the product discharge from the engraving surface, make applications much more uniform, facilitate the post application cleaning (about 6-7 minutes for the washing machine) and makes the colour change quicker.
In addition to the design innovations, the roller technology system of GREENSTARs meets the
environmental demand of reducing energy consumption. Compared to a spray booth, the roller finishing:
– guarantees a more green finishing with zero emissions of chemical in atmosphere,
– cancels the overspray phenomena saving  about 60% of chemical,
– ensures low energy consumption, saving about 80% of electricity and up to 95% of water.

Future projects of Gemata are also focused on the development of green systems integrated to the high quality performance of its machine.
Gemata technicians are already working on a new roller machine, the GREENSTARs EVO, which will be equipped of special rollers rich in innovative features, that will be launched soon on the market.