There is still a year to go to the III EuroCongress IULTCS but the organisational machine has already been set in motion some months ago thanks to the will of AICC – the Italian Association of Leather Chemists selected by the international organisation to host and organise the European event – which has every intention of giving life to a high technical-scientific level event, capable of bringing together hundreds of operators in the sector. The date, location and title have already been known for some months: the EuroCongress 2022 will be held from 18 to 20 September next year in Vicenza, exactly at the Palladio Theater of the Congress Centre of the Vicenza Fair, a functional site with over 700 seats, ready to host the interventions of researchers, university professors, entrepreneurs and leather technicians who will take turns at the microphone to present the latest research related to the leather and tanning sector. The title itself is already a programme and a wish “Rinascimento: The Next Leather Generation”.

Giancarlo Lovato

Dr. Giancarlo Lovato, national secretary of AICC, has been called to lead the organising committee of the EuroCongress IULTCS. His task will be to illustrate the contents of an event that can’t be missed.

President, let’s start from the title of the Congress. What does it mean specifically?

“The title is the result of an in-depth reflection gained within the organisational commissions that opted for the choice of the term Rinascimento (Renaissance), deliberately left in Italian because it identifies an exceptional historical period of cultural and scientific renewal in our country known throughout the world. The basic idea is that, after the pandemic and the crisis that hit the whole economy, our Eurocongress could mark a moment of rebirth and restart for the sector, a real Leather Renaissance through technical and scientific innovation. The main title will then be declined in four sub-themes that I can already anticipate: we will talk about the development of increasingly sustainable and performing chemical products, technological innovation of tanning processes, new and more accurate methods of leather analysis available today to detect the presence of unwanted components; therefore of sustainability, seen from a circular economy perspective for the reduction of waste and the enhancement of by-products”.

When will the Call for Papers for the presentation of the abstracts open?

“We are finalising the website of the Congress ( which, among others, will host a section dedicated to the collection of abstracts. The call for papers will open by the end of September and will remain open until the end of February 2022, after which the International Scientific Commission composed of about fifteen experts, half of whom foreign delegates indicated by the other European chemical-tanning associations that are members of IULTCS, will carry out the selection of the most interesting researches. We are planning to publish the preliminary programme of the Congress in April”.

How does the organisational machine of the Congress work?

“The organisational machine is made up of the organising committee chaired by me which has a guiding role, composed of AICC members and representatives of UNIC (Italian tannery association), ASSOMAC (Italian association of producers of tannery machines), UNPAC (association that gathers Italian manufacturers of chemical tanning auxiliaries) and the Veneto Leather District. We have sought the maximum possible collaboration with all the other associations in the supply chain because we aim to create an event that will have relevance for the whole sector. In turn, the committee makes use of 3 Commissions that represent the operative aspect: the Scientific Commission we were talking about earlier chaired by Dr. Franca Nuti, the Commission that deals with services and logistics chaired by Valerio Nori and the third commission that deals with communication chaired by Dr. Tomaso Pellegrini. In total we are talking about about sixty people who are dedicating themselves to the success of the event”.

Why Vicenza and this particular date for the EuroCongress?
“Vicenza is a wonderful city of art, well connected and with excellent infrastructure, located just a stone’s throw away from the Venetian leather district of Arzignano, one of the most admired and known in the world. The date was agreed with the associations of the supply chain to maximise participation, in particular from foreigners. The congress will anticipate the autumn events of Lineapelle and Simac Tanning Tech which will be held in Milan from 21 to 23 September. In this way, foreign operators will have the opportunity to attend the Congress starting from Sunday 18 and then move (on the morning of Wednesday 21) to the fair with the buses set up by the organisation. I can already anticipate that the opening of the Congress includes an entertainment show at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, while for the gala dinner we are thinking of a prestigious location. At the end of the congress, on the afternoon of Tuesday 20, there will be an organised tour to show the excellence of the Venetian tanning district with targeted visits yet to be defined”.

What expectations do you have in terms of participation?

“Although ours is a European event, our goal is to get closer to the results of the 2019 Dresden International Congress which managed to bring together over 450 delegates. We believe that in terms of content we will be able to propose a very significant event, also because we know that, due to the pandemic, a lot of research has remained in the drawer in the last year and a half. We expect to be able to present at least thirty major works as well as a large number of poster papers. Finally, near the congress hall, an exhibition area will be set up where the sponsoring companies will be able to present news and meet the delegates of the Congress.
In conclusion, the frame of the Congress is well defined, now there is work to be done to ensure that every detail is perfect”.

Above, the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza will be the venue for the opening ceremony of the Congress

The Palladio Theater inside the Fiera Vicenza Congress Center which will host the III IULTCS EuroCongress 2022
The Foyer of the Fiera Vicenza Congress Center
The exhibition area that will host the sponsors' stands