The Platepress of SC Costruzioni, the ironing and embossing press presented at Tanning Tech 2019, was controlled by the Datatec system of Nexus Automation. “It is a new device designed for the supervision and collection of process data, which is particularly useful for cost management because, by storing all the processing parameters of each leather batch, the tannery can perform various types of analysis, from energy consumption to machine stops, intervening where necessary to correct and optimise flows. Moreover, Datatec can be connected to the company’s management system on the basis of Industry 4.0” explains engineer Fabio Scali.

SC Costruzioni Meccaniche’s plate embossing & ironing press boasts some innovative solutions, designed for the safety and comfort of the operator, such as optoelectronic barriers, physical automatic descent barriers, side protections and the vapor/fumes suction device for processing wet hides. The ease and speed of work are its strong point, thanks also to the foot control that allows both hands to be free to hold and stretch the skins.

SC Costruzioni Meccaniche, in close collaboration with NEXUS Automation, is able to design and build systems for the complete management of every single chemical product, from storage to barrel entry. The Tuscan company has many years of experience in the field of mechanical and hydraulic tanning systems, constructing and installing machines and plants for the transportation, mixing and blending of liquids and powdered chemical products guaranteeing an accurate after-sales assistance service in the mechanical and hydraulic field.