Two intimate perspectives of the human soul are revealed in F/W 2015-16 according to style commission of MILANO UNICA: force and sobriety typical of the masculine side of one’s personality vs. an impulse to “think grand”, touching a spectacular nature

Milano Unica ha just presented the F/W 2015-16 Directions characterized by boldness and experimentation.
In addition to recognized international qualities, Italians have often been accused of individualism: even under this profile, we will be trendy for Fall/Winter 2015-16. It will be a season marked by healthy individualism, with a strong sense of personal, where the spirit of each individual will be able to thrive using experimentation and daring.

Fortune favors the bold, yet without the courage to dare and make progress, there will be no boldness or self-expression and research on one’s particular style. By banning uniformity, the Italian and European textile-accessories industry can provide instruments to dare with determination, being able to astound and dazzle with color and brightness, portraying one’s personality in a cosmic utopia, without indulging in superfluous or excessive details.

– as Angelo Uslenghi, Milano Unica trend expert reminds us.

The next edition of Milano Unica is scheduled for September 9-11, 2014 at the Portello in Fieramilano, where these trends will be fully showed.

There are two guidelines: on one hand, an atmosphere of force and sobriety typical of the masculine side of one’ personality, MASCULINE AURA; on the other hand, an impulse to “think grand”, touching a spectacular nature GRAND VISION.


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This season focuses on:

> Daring material mix: lace/neoprene, mohair/crystals, melton/vinyl
> Color flash with thermo-pigmentation, intarsia, ribbon trim
> Density from felting, bonding with membranes, resins
> Brilliance with plasticized, laminated, crystallized surfaces
> Structures in motion: radial quilting, progressive crinkling, curved pleating
> Accessories: blending of natural and super-tech components



NEW FINANCE – Formal with a twist – Solid chromatism with preppy look – Extra-fine wool/technofiber blends – Denim effect flannel – Glassy and rubbery pinstripes – Digital tweed, pixeled Glen plaid – Merino fancy weave, hammered drap, silky gabardine – Checked, houndstooth shirting – Regimental stripes even on borders – College style bowtie collar – Ribbons and trim in tiny necktie patterns – Club privé labels – Buttons with credit card engraving.

STREET VITALITY – Energy in urban greyness – Vivid tones amid daily chaos – Wide crosswalk striping – Intarsia emergency triangle on jersey – Intersecting lines like metro networks – Micro ribbons with traffic light dots – Fluo bands on fleece – Heat pigmented road signs – Needle-punched vinyl rectangle on melton – Duvet with neon signs – Road work zips and hooks – Flashing light outline trim in PVC – Reflector buckles.

BOHEMIAN CHIC – Studied nonchalance – Dusty chromatism and Bloomsbury atmospheres – Silky velvets often in tartan patterns – Grunge spirit on herringbone and Harris tweed – Worn tricotine and moleskin – Shirting with W. Morris-like prints – Opaque satin with Déco motifs – Geometric arabesques on jacquard – Damask tubular trim, satin striped tapes – Klimt inspired gilding – Suspenders with antiqued leather and metal – Fornasetti inspired zips – Mini jabots in taffeta.

SHIELD PROTECTION – Insulating properties, full bodied structures – Material colors amid techno and tradition – Twill in nylon and carbon fiber – Boiled wool like horse saddle blankets – Ecofriendly leather like antiqued cowhide, faux shearling – Army fabric, tarry canvas – Felt scales pressed like carapace – Jersey sandwich with PU membrane – Pavé of studs on leather patch pocket – Motocross snaps – Belt plate with harness.

TOTAL RELAX – Loungewear, wrapping softness – Delicate, harmonious shades – Plush in milk protein fiber – Long johns underwear, links-links knit – Pajama stripes in cashmere blend – Robe style quilted flannel – Terry in chiné wool – Fleecy jacquard in paisley patterns – Chenille tufting here and there – Mottled fleece – Ribbons and tapes in brushed mohair – Panne velvet for passementerie trim – Toggles with faux fur – Shaker design minimal buttons.

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BREATHTAKING NATURE – 3D special effects – Pungent and inimitable tones in contrast – Curved pleating like mushroom lamella – Floating “algae” with layered flounces – Lacy foliage on neoprene base – Bouclé passementerie for organic patterns – Stalactite effects with tiny tubes – Encrustations on burnout jacquards – Incandescent glassy flocking like lava flow – Dip dye on landscape photo prints – Aurora borealis effects on buckles in variegated resin.

MYTHICAL ORIENT – Arts & Crafts on the silk road – Shades like precious stones – Persian and Caucasian rug motifs – Laser engraved jacquard ribbons – Duchesse satin historiated with copper threads – Lacquered and quilted arabesques on borders – Matelassé like cabinet workmanship – Ethnic jewel filigree effects – Golden pin with lacy motifs – Mosaic intarsia with lamé and mother-of-pearl – Lacquer and ink for floral prints – Necklace with beaded pendants and fur accents.

MULTI-REFLECTIONS – Shimmer and iridescence – Opalescent, crystalline shading – Mohair jersey pinpointed with micro-crystals – Glassy laminates like icy sheets – tiny mirror tiles in checkered patterns – Pavé of mother-of-pearl sequins – Iridescent laminate on broderie anglaise – Rhinestone covered lace and crochet – Quartz encrustations, luminous pixels in degradé – Transparent and mirror-like stone appliqués – Reflecting prisms for buckles –  Buttons decorated with glassy grains.

YOUR HIGHNESS – Blue blood, impeccable allure – Rich chromatism for official occasions – Subdued tone-on-tone patterns – Cashmere/silk traceries, satin lined lace – Morning dress stripes on taffeta, radial pleat on georgette – Barathea tuxedo style, pashmina étamine – Crepe satin, radzmir, cady – Folded ribbons – Satin striped and repp bows – Crest, coat of arms appliqués – Noble clasp in fine jewelry – Honor brooch with enamel and stones.

SPACE ADVENTURE – Cosmic utopia – Nocturnal tones and ultraviolet lights – Photographic prints of the red planet – Sidereal chiaroscuro – Earth seen from space like “Gravity” – Chrome laminates, alluminium foil – PVC discs on neoprene – Rubbery texture with tiny craters – Metallic nylon with radial quilting – Techno-borders with pointed studs – Pavé of hexagonal tiles in PU foam – PVC badge with circles and washers – Snap buckles in enameled metal.

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