Leather Kem is a young company, which has been on the market for only three years thanks to the thirty-year experience of its founder, Federico Giglioli. The offer of specific high quality chemical auxiliaries, both for the vegetable leather market, for chrome tanning and now also for metal free components, together with an accurate service has allowed this Tuscan company to grow rapidly thanks also to the development of important collaborations with customers aimed at developing specific projects. As in the case of sole leather. “Together with our customers, we have developed a specific tanning, fatliquoring and finishing system for backs that allows us to obtain ‘Flex’ leather soles, which therefore are extremely flexible and comfortable while remaining robust, breathable and water resistant”, explains Giglioli.
Another research line followed by Leather Kem is that of water repellency. “In this case the real challenge is on vegetable tanning. Our next goal is to confer the characteristics of a water-resistant product to the classic ‘vacchetta leather’ ”explains Giglioli, who adds: “I am convinced that only innovation can move the market; in this field you cannot be a simple supplier for your tanner customers and when it happens you need to be able to collaborate with your competitors because in the end progress is beneficial for everyone. We focus everything on research and on the development of new projects and products, and this year we hope to renew the laboratory by investing in new equipment”.
In summary, Leather Kem is able to offer a specialised technical service, combined with research, for the development and production of new items. The company based in Ponte a Egola (Pisa) is also an Italian distributor of Atlas-branded fatliquors.