Solving problems and creating new and ever more performing solutions has always been Kemas’ mission. “There are increasingly more brands that require leather without tanning metal content. This is why, in addition to the classic vegetable tanned leather, we have developed a series of chemical tanning processes suitable for the development of metal free items”, explains Daniele Marinai at the helm of the Tuscan company. A micro enterprise that is very attentive to market needs and to everything that moves around innovation as demonstrated by the 2 patents held and the 7 registered trademarks.
“Obviously, in addition to respecting chemical specifications, also chrome-free leathers must have all those fashion features required by the market. In order to be able to make their creations, brands need leathers that are able to generate sensations turning them into a desire to buy”. Another major problem to overcome is the general chemical-physical resistance of the skin to light, heat, tearing, grain damage and so on. The firmness of the grain is one of the most difficult problems to solve: nobody likes creases in the leather when it should stay smooth. As the Tuscan entrepreneur explains, “Many times metal-free hides are characterised by a less adherent grain with greater blowing problems and lower general resistances”. Kemas has solved the problem with its international drum rubbering patent (No. EP3041962), that is retanning with certain polymers that are positioned within the fibres of the leather, compacting it. “Using the products provided in the barrel gumming process, we can totally impregnate the leather and obtain innovative and patent protected hides and leather products along the entire supply chain”.
Kemas invites tanners to visit their showroom, just set up in the Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa) location, where it will be possible to see and touch the samples including the metal free and chrome-free section. Also in a virtual way: “We have digitised our proposals that we will be able to present in an exclusive and personalised way even from a distance. Upon request, we will send personal access details and passwords”.