Thirty years of experience have made SYN-BIOS SpA one of the leading companies in the Italian chemical-tanning panorama. Quality and constant innovation for effective and safe products for the tanning industry are the values on which the success of this society has been built. SYN-BIOS was founded in 1988 by Daniele Gastaldello, the current chairman. From the managerial point of view, he is skilfully flanked by his son Enrico, who helps us to understand better the strengths of the company.

SYN-BIOS has made itself appreciated on international markets thanks to an extremely wide range of chemical products that daily meet the requests of tanneries operating on markets and product segments that are extremely different from each other, developing each time integrated solutions that are in line with customers’ qualitative and environmental needs

“We work in many sectors, from leather goods to shoes and furniture – the general manager Enrico Gastaldello tells us – but definitely today the fastest-growing sector is the automotive sector, where we were able to win certain important players. The extremely strict tests carried out over the years enabled us to adapt our products to the needs of tanneries, thus getting to create tailor-made solutions that are both effective and eco-friendly”.

Over time, the company, located in Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza), has conquered the main foreign markets, where today it develops 50% of its turnover.

“Fortunately, we were never affected by the crisis – says Enrico Gastaldello – but the global market’s current situation is unstable, not only from the entrepreneurial point of view. I am referring to duties, for instance, which may penalize some countries and some sectors. Furthermore, the Chinese market is no longer the driving force that it was for years, although at the same time, Southeast Asian countries have grown in importance. However, we work well with Europe and the Americas too”.

One of the company’s strengths is its production structure: “I am particularly proud of the fact that our company uses pure raw materials, with which we carry out a transformation process that is  advanced and in the name of safety, and that delivers the final chemical product to our customers, to whom we then guarantee complete and capillary assistance, with product traceability that can be verified throughout the product’s journey”.

SYN-BIOS’s flagship is definitely its Research and Development department, made up of expert and competent staff. “Innovation has always been this company’s main goal because it makes it possible to offer customers new opportunities all the time: that is why we devote a large amount of human, technological and economic resources to research and experimentation”, says Enrico Gastaldello at the end of our conversation.