ISA TanTec, the leading sustainable leather manufacturer, announces collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to launch a responsible sourcing policy standard that targets deforestation and animal welfare in Brazil and Paraguay.
The group launched the LITE Sourcing program in 2020 to elevate the management of its supply chain in a transparent, ethical, sustainable and socially conscious way. As part of LITE Sourcing, Greener Pastures™ is specifically developed for sourcing cattlehides responsibly, it complies with a stricter set of protocols and requirements surrounding animal welfare and traceability as compared to the industry benchmark Leather Working Group certifications.
To eliminate deforestation and conversion of natural habitats in its cattle hide supply chain, the group partners with WWF and jointly release a responsible sourcing policy for cattlehides, complementing its Greener Pastures™ protocol. With the expertise and global influence of WWF, the group believes the partnership will bring additional focus on these critical issues.
According to the updated responsible sourcing policy standard, the group expects that all of its suppliers comply with the clauses outlined, including the overall hide sourcing traceability, leather sourcing from Brazil (specific criteria for leather sourcing from Brazilian amazon biome), and leather sourcing from Paraguay (specific criteria for leather sourcing from Paraguay Chaco biome).
Suppliers located in the proximity of the Amazon Biome and Chaco Biome are required to prove that no hides supplied by slaughterhouses originate from the biome or other places where deforestation is an issue. Meanwhile, all suppliers should align with the Five Animal Freedom principles:

• Freedom from hunger and thirst
• Freedom from discomfort
• Freedom from pain, injury, and disease
• Freedom to express normal behavior
• Freedom from fear and distress

The collaboration continues ISA’s efforts in building climate resilience, supporting conservation and biodiversity. Moving forward, ISA commits to working with all stakeholders and developing more partnership opportunities with leading organizations to improve ethics, traceability and accountability throughout its supply chain, contributing to sustainability and the greater human good.