UNIC – Italian Tanneries, an association that officially represents the Italian tanning industry, ICEC, Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector and WWF, the World Wildlife Fund, have reached an agreement to collaborate on a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) activities of the tanning companies.
The goal, reads a note, is that of establishing and reinforcing the position of the Italian tanning industry “as a leader of sustainability in the sector and promoting a substantial contribution to the leather area worldwide. The partnership aims to promote the continuous improvement of the sustainability practices of the Italian tanning industry in an open, collaborative way, based on technical and scientific data”.
In detail, the terms of the agreement regard deforestation, the traceability of raw materials, the protection of the environment and water management. “Key elements for the sustainable development of the sector, which, thanks to the positioning of Italian companies, can increase the creation of more ethical leather supply chains, especially through social-environmental guarantees on the origins of the raw materials”, stresses UNIC.
The partners will make scientific data and solutions available to companies in supporting the adoption of solid systems and processes to construct, implement and demonstrate progress in their commitment. At the same time, they will help the companies to more effectively develop an open dialogue with the supply chain’s stakeholders, the academic world and non-governmental organisations, public and financial institutions, media, and public opinion.
“The Italian leather sector is perfectly positioned to continue its contribution to global leather sustainability, especially when it comes to sourcing criteria of bovine hides and skins, and decoupling tropical deforestation from leather supply chains. Italian tanning companies provide a fundamental leverage in transforming the cattle sector in threatened geographies and WWF believes this collaboration with UNIC and ICEC is a new important chapter in this journey”, said Mauricio S. Bauer, WWF Usa.
“In the last several decades our companies have reached remarkable and measurable results in all the aspects which compose the sustainability of leather production, including circularity and social areas, but we are also very much convinced it is a continuous improvement process”, added Fabrizio Nuti, president of UNIC.