The Executive Committee of IULTCS, the International Union of Leather Technlogists and Chemists Societies, has announced a tender of three different grants for young researchers under 35 years of age for the year 2021. Participation is subject to the presentation of research projects attributable to a recognised institution in relation to the following topics: basic research on leather, innovation in tanning technology and sustainability. Entering its seventh year, the IULTCS Young Leather Scientist Grant (YLSG) programme obviously aims to encourage scientific research in the field.

Adriano Peruzzi

If the grant dedicated to basic research (1,500 euro) is funded by the same IULTCS, the Italian company ERRETRE, specialised in the production of tanning technologies, will support the allocation of the contribution dedicated to technological innovation: “Our company supports the leather culture and strongly believes that the sector needs young and motivated people to implement innovation and face the challenges that the industry will take on in the years to come”, explains Adriano Peruzzi, marketing director of ERRETRE.

Mike Redwood

The third grant dedicated to sustainability, also of 1,000 euro, will instead be offered by Leather Naturally, the international association committed to promoting leather and will be named after Mike Redwood who was the founder. “I am immensely honoured to be named in this grant and hope that it will allow candidates to feel free to challenge the industry with creative and unexpected ideas”, said Professor Redwood.
Further information on how to participate is available on the site