From 1 January 2020, the Italian-Brazilian Luis Zugno (Buckman International, Usa) took over the presidency of the IULTCS to replace the Taiwanese Thomas Yu, whose mandate has expired. Joining Zugno as vice-president is the Frenchman Jean-Pierre Gualino (ATC).  In his first message to the sector, the new president of the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies-IULTCS, who is also member of the Italian Association AICC, appealed to the unity of sector organisations to face the new challenges of the market in terms of changes in demand and above all to prevent fake news that ruin the image of the tanning industry by using the tools made available by science.
“Now is the time to explore new prospects as the leather industry faces disruptive changes in demand and challenges to its identity and image in the marketplace”, writes Zugno. “The IULTCS – as the legitimate global representative for science and technology of leather making – has the responsibility to uplift, motivate and guide the leather makers in their transformation of a by-product (today even a waste) from the food industry into the durable, useful and beautiful material we call leather. One of the IULTCS’s great tasks is to use science and facts to combat the wrong, incomplete and misleading information about our industry and about products made from leather”.
“With a broader view – adds the new president – now is the time to leave egos aside and have all the leather related organisations working together. It is time to break barriers and erase boundaries and act for the best interests of all in the industry”.
As for the next commitments, after the great success of the last international Congress held in Dresden, Germany, last June, the eyes are already pointed towards 2021 for the organisation of the XXXVI IULTCS Congress to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in October.