Founded in 2007 in the Tuscan tanning district, Kemas is a young and dynamic company that has developed a 70-year-long experience in the sector of chemical products for the tanning industry. The company’s philosophy is to offer an exclusive and personalised service to companies that produce leather with high fashion content but always with a keen eye on sustainability. In the constant search for new processes, Kemas has focused in particular on two technologies: metal free tanning and drum rubberising.
“Tanning without metals is not easy – explains Daniele Marinai – Many times metals are replaced with products whose environmental impact and health risks are far greater. Sometimes metal free hides are characterised by a less adherent grain with major blowing problems and generally lower resistances”.
To overcome all these problems, the Tuscan company has developed a completely metal free tanning and retanning process covered by a European patent that is giving excellent results both in terms of technical and aesthetic performance.
Another strong point of Kemas is its exclusive drum rubberising process, also covered by a patent, which has had excellent results in the highest range segment of the market.
For the first time present at the last February Tanning Tech fair in Milan, Kemas presented a range of fashion novelties in the name of sustainability such as leathers greased with synthetic polymers without the use of fatliquors and leathers without fluorescent chromium in drums. Its latest technological achievement: washable leather in the washing machine at 60°C that fade less than fabric.