Leather drum rubberising is a European patent held by Kemas, the Tuscan tanning chemical company founded by Daniele Marinai in 2007. This is confirmed by the European Patent Office (EPO), the European patent office which on 20 October officially rejected an appeal filed two years ago by an Italian company. “We express great satisfaction with this decision, which at the moment reaffirms the validity of our patent, filed in Italy back in 2013 and granted first at national and then at European level – explains Daniele Marinai – After this awaited decision we will face with greater force and determination the fight against the many attempts to imitate our leather rubber coating process”.

Daniele Marinai

Why so much attention around this manufacturing process? “Because it works – continues Marinai – and also because many brands interested in obtaining leathers, with or without metals, with high physical and aesthetic features like it”. The interest arises from the fact that chrome or metal free leathers are often characterised by a less adherent ‘grain’with blowing problems, and by lower general resistance. Kemas claims to have solved these problems thanks to a process that uses a certain mix of elastomers that compact leather fibres during the retanning phase. “Our rubber leather coating process in drums deeply impregnates leather and allows to obtain leathers that are more resistant to grain blowing, temperatures, tearing and breaking of the grain, with aesthetic effects able to satisfy most of the demands of the fashion world”, concludes Marinai.

Kemas booth at Prossimapelle Arzignano 2021