The LANXESS Leather business unit is recognized as a market leader for high wear and long-lasting automotive leather finishing solutions. With decades of experience in the manufacture of leather chemicals, combined with comprehensive technical expertise, the specialty chemicals company offers innovative solutions to the ever-expanding requirements of the carmakers for dealing with e.g. volatile organic compounds (VOCs), aldehydes and odor in automotive interiors. These comprise state-of-the art Aquaderm XL-crosslinker, silicones and nmp-free polyurethane dispersions.
Aquaderm XL 1010 and Aquaderm XL 5010 are the latest developments from LANXESS in the field of polyisocyanate crosslinkers. In addition to imparting a very high level of physical properties these products lead to a further reduction of VOC and/or smell which is of high importance in automotive applications. While Aquaderm XL 1010 is virtually VOC- and smell-free, Aquaderm XL 5010 offers a smell-free solution for applications where limited amounts of solvent are still required.
Another new product in the field of crosslinking agents is Aquaderm XL CD 40. This water-based, solvent-free carbodiimide crosslinker improves the coating’s physical properties, reduces tackiness during stacking and increases cut-through resistance during embossing.
A further vital product in LANXESS’ VOC/aldehyde reduction tool box is Primal Fleshcoat AR-2 emulsion. Applied as a flesh coat this product greatly contributes to a significant reduction of undesired formaldehyde and acetaldehyde which may be emitted from leather.
Strongly solvent reduced finishing systems require high-performance agents to ensure the best possible levelling of finishes. Aquaderm Fluid E is a new addition to the LANXESS range of flow control agents. It has a strong levelling power and gives the leather exceptional physical properties.
Aquaderm Additive XF is a highly concentrated, BTEX-free high-performance silicone emulsion that meets the most stringent market requirements in terms of physical properties such as abrasion resistance.
Last but not least, Aquaderm Bottom LT is a medium soft aliphatic base and top coat PUD binder for high performance leather such as e.g. automotive leather. Amongst others the product provides low tack at embossing together with excellent print retention and definition.
The extensive range of products comprises chemicals for all stages in the process of manufacturing high-quality leathers. For the future, antisoiling and solar resistance will be important development issues for LANXESS, as the requirements of the automotive industry in these areas are constantly increasing.