Gemata has launched Starface, a revolutionary patented roller machine expressly conceived for the application of the chemical product on the flesh side of leather. Also extremely important, Starface makes it possible to automate the application of resins on the flesh side, creating a finishing line in continuity with the machines that apply the leather cover. With Starface hides no longer have to be put on a tripod or pallet to be taken to the finishing line, but they can directly enter the roller machine or the spray booth that applies the cover, avoiding any type of contamination and thus reducing possible defects. Among the machine’s distinguishing features we, in particular, point out that the leather is fed in and perfectly stretched out by feeder belts that eliminate any crease  and the very short item changeover times.

Among the most admired plants of the Gemata range at the fair we also mention Starsplit, a splitting machine for all types of leather suitable for splitting in wet blue, lime, pickle and dry, available in various working widths from 1.6 to 3.6 metres. Characterised by a huge productivity and a high splitting precision, the machine was presented at the fair in Milan already equipped with a feeder, the automatic feeding system of the machine that eliminates a very heavy manual operation which is the loading of hides.