The 47th national Conference of the Italian Association of Leather Chemists is planned for October 11, at the new premises of the Italian Leather Research Institute in Pozzuoli. The themes that will be covered are highly topical themes, as the title of the conference itself says : “Circular economy, sustainability and production control: a discussion between the actors of the supply chain”. The main associations of the tanning sector will participate to have a constructive discussion, besides aiming to identify possible solutions and formulate new synergies: Unic, Assomac, Unpac, Federchimica, Ssip. The event’s participants will also have the opportunity to visit the new premises of the Italian Leather Research Institute, which will host the conference.

 The following event is set for November 15 at the Municipal Auditorium of Chiampo, with the 11th Technical Conference AICC Veneto, sponsored by the Municipality of Chiampo, with the title “Technological and scientific innovation in the tanning sector”. An opportunity to inform the members about the latest studies, the technical and scientific findings in the tanning sector, some of which were selected among the best works presented at the recent IULTCS Congress in Dresden (Germany) and some of which were selected among the Arzignano ITS graduates’ thesis research works. As is customary, both conferences will be followed by a social dinner.

 The importance of these events is stressed by the AICC president himself, Roberto Mariano Mecenero: “The Conferences are the most important moments of associative life; that is where themes, updates of and insights into the novelties and topical matters in the tanning sector are covered.This is exactly the statutory objective of AICC: the dissemination and in-depth study of the technical-scientific culture of the tanning sector, specially stimulated in the last few years by the evolution of the increasingly important need for environmental respect, of responsible exploitation of the resources used and of the by-products generated and of circular economy. The Conferences are an important moment for the members to meet: they promote discussion and the development of knowledge. The result of all this is expressed with an increase in the number of associates, besides an increase in the quality level of courses and seminars”.


AICC president and secretary, Roberto Mariano Mecenero and Giancarlo Lovato