With great pride we announce we launched our new website mid-July.
The new Leather Naturally website has been optimized both in search ability as well as in the look and feel. Compared to our previous website it will be much more consumer facing with great pictures about leather manufacturing and the craftmanship that is associated with making leather goods.  
Get the facts. Understand leather.  
‘Get the facts. Understand leather.’ is going to be our invitation to brands, designers, influencers, journalists and consumers. The new website will be giving answers to the most pressing questions about leather as a wonderful by-product of the meat industry. The main buttons in the navigation bar on the home page are described below.    
Properties of leather 
The 8 key messages concern the following themes: reduce waste, long lasting, repairable, recyclable, versatile, comfortable, beautiful, and luxurious.   
Leather Naturally describes the various certifications available to demonstrate that leather, across the leather supply chain, can be made sustainably including tight certification schedules, including Leather Working Group, ICEC, CSCB and ZDHC.   
Education is the key reason why Leather Naturally optimized the website. Here, people will find answers on all their pressing questions related to leather, including having the ability to easily download factsheets which will be presented in an attractive format. Furthermore, several pictures of modern tanneries will be available to be downloaded including access to a video wall in which the leathermaking process and the craftsmanship of leather goods manufacturers is highlighted. The new ‘library’ will give access to longer read articles.   
Events and Media 
During the year, Leather Naturally will be present at various events to explain the benefit of leather. The event calendar can be found under this heading. This is also the location where press and journalists have easy access to all necessary factsheets and press releases about the leather industry.   
Our story 
This section will not only reveal ‘Leather Naturally’s story’ but it will enable brands and leather promoters to share their compelling stories and showing the beautiful leather products they produce: members will have their own section on the website, where they will be able to highlight their company including uploading their logo, a picture, and their website address.   
What is our plan forward? 
In the coming weeks, Leather Naturally will further optimize the website and launch it to brands, designers, journalists, and consumers through their social media channels. Leather Naturally will also engage with their associate members like Unic in Italy, which are mostly national leather associations, and offer them to make full use of the educational messages by linking the webpage to their own or refer to it.   
What can you do with this new website? 
Leather Naturally set up this new website for the benefit of the whole leather industry. You are kindly invited to share this website with anyone you know and who wants to learn about leather.  
We kindly thank many volunteers from the industry that have been supporting Leather Naturally in creating this new website that will be beneficial to the whole industry.  www.leathernaturally.org