Arrangements are running at fast pace while looking forward to the event. LINEAPELLE is about to come back, physically, to Fieramilano Rho, on 22-24 September 2021, to collect exhibitors’ rising interest and implement several projects aiming to make its own fair experience more and more up to date and engaging.  “Players keep telling us they have been missing LINEAPELLE – commented President Gianni Russo – as our fair is of essential importance as a tool to develop research for materials directed at fashion, design and automotive manufacturing industry”. People want to discover and personally touch such materials, not just looking at the present, but also heading to the next future, the one regarding, from a style point of view, Fall-Winter 2022-2023. A season which primarily needs to “find the wonder again”. 

Back to the fair
“For the time being, 600 exhibitors, coming from 18 different Countries, have already signed up for the fair – pointed out the Secretary –. We deem it as an important and extremely comforting message”, and, at the same time, a real incentive to design and carry out a challenging exhibition project, considering the pandemic situation and its highly upsetting effects on traditional trade show standards. “Like we did in September 2020, we decided to opt for a rather simplified formula while setting up exhibiting stands together alongside specific solutions to ensure top safety measures. Unavoidably, several foreign visitors, in particular the ones coming from Asia, will not be attending the fair. Nonetheless, we have been constantly in close touch with them by implementing an ongoing number of online activities”. Digital journeys, however, keep being complementary to LINEAPELLE’s physical supply, while looking ahead and consistently developing its peculiar identity as a global benchmark event for the fashion & luxury industry. 

To find the wonder again
Besides an exhibiting call, LINEAPELLE will also take on a style challenge. It is about style trends for winter 2022-2023, which they are going to face according to a real manifesto, recapped in a slogan, namely “Imagination & Re-Wonder”. It is time, then, to “find the wonder again, therefore unleashing imagination and experimentation”. On top of that, as regards summer 2022, LINEAPELLE has spotlighted the importance of securing the future (Fix the future, such is the mood set up and presented at Spazio Lineapelle, in Milan); as for winter 22/23, it is about to launch a creative revamping project. Searching for positive attitudes to tackle naturality and technology, reassuring shades and materials feasibly expressing their innovation drive. Starting from leather and its unlimited development, combination, and experimentation options. 

Projects and co-labs
Next LINEAPELLE edition will also rely on a valuable synergy with Assopellettieri: they are going to launch the debut of a new exhibiting format, namely Mipel Lab, the leather sourcing fair, which will be running “simultaneously and in partnership with LINEAPELLE: the trade shows will also share their exhibiting spaces”. “After the dreadful days we have been going through – pointed out Gianni Russo, President of LINEAPELLE –, I consider cooperation between associations extremely important. Based on such starting point, LINEAPELLE has resolutely supported this proposal and will strive hard to achieve a successful accomplishment”.
LINEAPELLE style exploration will address the issue of material innovation, matched with technology, in the A New Point of Materials space, which will engage urban lab D-house, a Dyloan spin off, and C.L.A.S.S. eco-hub. 

The overall scenario
The work-in-progress arrangements for LINEAPELLE next edition must deal with an overall scenario, which is still affected by a great deal of complexity and instability. We can observe a few recovery signs in all industries, which are limping along though. It is still extremely hard to reach again pre-Covid manufacturing volumes; in addition, raw materials are worryingly increasing. The good thing is about employment, whose trend is running substantially steady. 

The Secretariat also announced that LINEAPELLE New York will take place, in the usual Metropolitan Pavilion location, on September 1-2: 85 companies have already signed up for it and will be participating in the exhibition. As regards organization, we are waiting to get more detailed information about procedures to gain admittance to the United States. 

The images refer to the last edition held in September 2020