We know you do not need to be convinced that leather is a modern material, perfectly fitting in a modern circular society. But we also know that there are lots of people around us (among them many youngsters) who form opinion based on wrong claims, emotional messages focusing on animal welfare or on horrible leather industry pictures that can be found on the internet. We need to collaborate in this battle for the correct message! 
 In Leather Naturally, we focus on educating designers, influencers, brands and consumers about leather, its beauty, the look and feel, the longevity, the repairability and the way how leather is manufactured by professional companies, often controlled by auditing programs. We do not focus on Italy or Spain or any specific country or company. We focus on leather as a sustainable and unique material! 

Egbert Dikkers

 In the last months, we experienced that journalists and sustainability persons in fashion related initiatives are more and more interested to learn about leather instead of only relying on the attacks written by criticasters of our industry. It is now up to us to offer them support with understandable facts. At Leather Naturally we experience that engaging with them with a genuine interest to support them in answering their questions is paying off.  

We regularly do research on internet search terms and based on that, adjust our educational messages to ensure that people interested to learn about leather or alternative materials come to our webpage and learn! 
 We kindly invite you to check out the Leather Naturally webpage or Linked page and use our messages in your daily contacts with criticasters or just use it to inspire and support brands to value leather.  People mostly search on terms including the below mentioned.  
Where does leather come from? Here we link to a publication illustrating that leather is the by-product from the meat industry and that using this byproduct is an ethical duty to prevent large scale landfill.  

 What are leather alternatives made of? Here we link to our infographic that tells more about the different terms used for leather alternatives including wrong labels used like Eco-leather, Vegan-leather, Apple-leather and similar.  

 Is leather sustainable? Here we link to a publication that describes why leather is a sustainable material and how it is made.  

Are animals killed for leather? Here we explain that hides are the by-product from the meat industry. I am still surprised about the fact that so many young people still believe that animals are killed for leather. We should realize that this needs a continued explanation about the facts and explain why leather is the perfect material in a circular economy and society.

Leather Naturally is a leather industry members association run by a Management Board of volunteers. Our members understand that we need a united approach for the benefit of our industry. As such, we kindly invite you to become a member of our association and join us in education! 
Egbert Dikkers – Chair Management Board Leather Naturally