For about one year Céline Bertrand has been responsible for Premiere Vision Leather (PVL) after having worked for years contributing to the success of the Accessories section (formerly Modamont). We asked her a few questions about current projects and the strategies that the French fairs organization is putting in place to revive the image of the leather fair that has lost some of its glaze over the past few years.
“My task – tells us Bertrand – is to strengthen the offer of Premiere Vision Leather and make it a leading segment of the event. This strategy includes the development of the new areas ‘Smart Creation’ and ‘Manufacturing’: the first one dedicated to sustainable innovation and the second one to selected manufacturers of leather clothes, shoes and bags. This year we will be proposing Smart Creation also in the February edition because we are convinced that sustainability issues are central at the moment and we want to do our part in helping the transition towards the production of eco-friendly collections”.

What is PVL’s vision compared to competing fairs?
“Premiere Vision has a unique peculiarity, that of serving the French and international luxury segment, while other fairs are more general in the offer and in the target. We have worked a lot on this point also in the recent trade fair promotion: for this edition we have selected and invited 50 collection managers from the best fashion brands, providing them with a whole range of hospitality and hospitality services. A similar promotion also involved 100 major European shoe and bag brands to which we sent free entry passes for the first time”.
The presence of Italian tanneries has decreased in recent editions. Do you have strategies in place to counter this trend?
“We have launched an intense programme of meetings with Italian tanneries that I have personally visited in recent months and that I will continue to meet from now to December to explain everything we are doing to relaunch the event”.