After turning down the super offer of an investment fund, founding members Bruno Burato e Renato Visonà, reaching the threshold of 70 years of age, have decided to give the Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza) company a new management structure, delegating the operational and strategic control of the company, of which they remain the main shareholders. Cesare Dal Monte, general manager of the company for a year, has been confirmed as the leader of a team that was in the meantime renewed and strengthened in order to be able to face up to the challenges of an increasingly competitive and challenging global context without having to worry about the generational passage.  
GER Elettronica began its activity in 1975 designing and building leather surface measuring machines, distributed worldwide, and paint spray control economizers, besides other electronic devices for various industrial sectors.
The latest novelty launched on the market by GER Elettronica is called Iris, a patented colour quality control system. Iris identifies the colour of the leather and quantifies the existing differences in comparison with a sample, thus making a chromatic selection possible. The system can be used during the upstream stage of the production process, during intermediate phases (for example, after the finishing process) or for quality control.