Based on the European standard UNI EN 15987 2015, leather can be defined as metal free when the sum of the individual tanning metals (Chromium, Aluminum, Zirconium, Iron and Titanium) is less than 1000 ppm. KLF Tecnokimica offers a metal free tanning system that fully satisfies this requirement and is based on the organic two-component Parolit FC-Parolit JX which creates a high cross-linking between the collagen fibres and the consequent achievement of tg up to 85° C. “The two active ingredients easily penetrate the leather section during the tanning phase even at high thicknesses, obtaining leathers with peculiar tanning features similar to those of chrome and it is not necessary to split the skins in lime to facilitate their penetration. Thanks to this it is possible to obtain well-tanned, high-thickness splits that can satisfy a wide range of finished items”, explains KLF.
The company would like to point out that the final leathers obtained, fully reflect all the limits of the substances indicated in the REACH regulation and the formaldehyde content is less than 10 ppm.
As a manufacturer of fatliquors and polymers, KLF has also developed a series of products to be applied in the retanning phase on wet-white leathers that enhance its softness and filling properties. “Tanning is thus very eclectic, the main feature of the Parolit system and covers a wide variety of requests ranging from smooth and soft nappa leather to more rigid items such as boxes, vegetalised, printed and impregnated articles. Brilliance, writing effect and powdery hand on splits, reverse leathers and nubuck are exceptional”, explain the company’s managers.
Thanks to the high tanning size, the drum can have the same temperatures as those applied on wet-blue leathers, with consequent advantages of a higher reactivity towards retanned and aniline leathers. This also allows you to perform dyes on hair at temperatures of 65-70° C.
The crust results in an optical white colour that is difficult to reach with other types of tanning systems. Dyes are not a problem. In fact, KLF has developed a colour chart with metal free aniline that covers all shades, from dark ones to pastel and fluorescent colours, obtaining bright and intense colours.
“The Parolit FC- JX system offers safe, effective and high-yield tanning both on the surface and in terms of physical features and allows for leathers of any desired aspect to produce any article required by the fashion of the moment”, concludes KLF Tecnokimica.