Edgardo Stefani (IKEM), president-in-office since 2012 during the last three biennial terms, sold the baton to Marco Frediani (KLF Tecnokimica), unanimously elected by the 11 Board Councilors, while Claudio Bortolati (GSC Group) has been appointed vice president.

The other nine elected councilors, to whom will subsequently be assigned specific delegations for their two-year term, are: Annunziata Stefania (REPICO), Braggion Pierluigi (CORICHEM), Gandolfi Antonio (ICAP Leather Chem), Lapi Francesco (FGL International), Meucci Andrea (DERMACOLOR), Montecalvo Antonio (ALANCHIM), Poles Eric (SILVACHIMICA), Stefani Edgardo – Past President (IKEM), Toscano Claudio (CHIME).

The progress of the Assembly saw the succession of the two-year report and the exposure of the ongoing activities. The outgoing president Edgardo Stefani presented a summary of the association activities, vice president Marco Frediani reported the commitment to development, Pierluigi Braggion and Andrea Meucci  spoke about the activities and objectives of the Technical Commission (confirmed in their role also in the new associative team), while Claudio Bortolati, outgoing treasurer, presented the final balance and budget. All, indiscriminately, have also highlighted the need of sharing supply chain objectives, with the creation of a common front among industry associations for the sustainability of the leather sector.

Also contributors of the supply chain have brought their contribution, calling themselves to a constructive comparison of the system, which addresses current issues to identify joint actions for the development of an operational system project. In particular, have spoken Daniele Refosco (Acque del Chiampo, Arzignano), Chiara Carradore (District of the Concia Arzignano), Tiziana Gambicorti (Italian Leather Research Institute of Naples), Valerio Talarico (PO.TE.CO, Santa Croce sull’Arno), Claudio Tuscano (AICC, Santa Croce sull’Arno).

Alessandra Tortora’s intervention, South European Director of ZDHC who presented the “Roadmap to Zero” Program and explained the advantages of joining the ZDHC Gateway portal for safer chemistry in the textile and tanning industry, was also important.

The working day ended with a moment of “aggregation” for those present by enjoying two laps on the racetrack circuit.