Interview with Mauro Bergozza, vice president of ASSOMAC

After a gloomy winter, the calm has returned to the machinery sector for tanneries which in the second quarter of 2021 collects new orders and regains momentum. ASSOMAC’s vice president Mauro Bergozza, who represents the machinery sector for tanneries, comments with ARS Tannery on the mood of the sector on the eve of Simac Tanning Tech which, despite the limited spaces, promises to be a fair rich in content to respond to a tanning market that aims at quality and calls for innovation and automation.

After a year and a half of pandemic, what are the moods of entrepreneurs in the sector on the eve of this years’ edition of Simac Tanning Tech?

Mauro Bergozza

“The period that the manufacturers of the leather machinery sector are experiencing at the moment is positive. After a hesitant start in 2021, an important recovery has been seen, with orders that have given confidence to the whole sector. Some have noticed a relaxation of orders in recent weeks, others continue to accumulate orders regularly”.

What type of fair will it be? Will there be machines on display?
“The 2021 edition of Simac Tanning Tech is managed and promoted as an International Fair with machines on display exactly as in previous editions. The difference is that, due to the Covid 19 regulation of the Milan Fair body, the corridors will be wider than in previous editions and stands will be arranged according to specific schemes, reducing the amount of available space. It is also true that many companies have preferred to reduce their exhibition space to contain management costs, but the development will be as regular as in the past”.
What expectations does the mechanical-tanning sector have at the moment?

“Wishful thinking is useless, the restrictions issued by the various governments to move between states will significantly cut down non-EU customers. But I must say that I have heard from some customers from outside the European Community who have been missing in our country for a long time that they will use the opportunity to visit customers or collaborators, to most likely also stop by the fair. Provided that the health situation does not change for the worse”.

Have you already felt the restart of the tanning sector? Which are the target sectors showing a more favourable trend?

“Our sector, as I said, is working at full speed. I haven’t directly heard from all the companies in the mechanical-tanning sector, but the majority have an order book over three months. There is a greater movement among companies working for the auto and furniture sector. Shoes and leather goods seem a little less brilliant destinations, but in the world context, apart from Italy and China, there are no reference markets that make a difference compared to others. It’s nice to see the American market moving after several years”.

What kind of requests are coming from the market right now?
“I see many requests for new machines, therefore destined for markets with high-end customers or in any case active markets with high productivity. If I take a look at our production, I see great research in quality but above all a lot of attention to detail, to try to make a difference in turn. Innovation and automation are the watchwords: increasingly intelligent machines are required that are interconnected and predictive. There is ever more a shortage of qualified operators and tanneries are increasingly aware of how it important it is to detect production data and then analyse it in order to consequently change their manufacturing for a production advantage but always in the name of quality. We are there and we are ready with the “Green Plate” to satisfy those who want to pursue the path of sustainability and we have already been on the go for a couple of years to provide “friendly user” machines that provide information on settings, detected parameters, possible problems and maintenance information. We can only hope that the recovery will last!”.