There are new progresses with regards to Metal Free processing. FGL International has developed a tanning system that allows you to obtain metal-free leathers without pickling, a process which basically serves to prepare hides for the actual tanning phase. An innovative process “that saves time, water and chemicals, as well as lowering the polluting load of baths”, explains Franca Nuti, R&D manager. Furthermore, by eliminating the pickling stage, emissions of hazardous substances typical of this treatment and therefore the bad smell are eliminated.” The goal of FGL is to develop metal free tanning processes that not only comply with regulatory limits but that allow you to create beautiful and versatile items, optimising the process in all its aspects and making it as less impactful as possible”.
Speaking of metal free, FGL has also developed a new specific fatliquor (Idrosin MFR) with which also soft leathers can be made. This product ensures a high exhaustion of the bath, reducing COD discharge levels. All precautions that go towards an ever greater sustainability of the tanning process.

Alcune proposte metal free presentate a Simac Tanning Tech 2020