Founded in 2011 in the tanning district of Arzignano, Revomec designs, builds and market leather milling drums, specifically those in orange, a decisive colour choice that has ensured fast recognition. “We are a young company but we are growing quickly thanks to the innovative content of the systems and to a very accurate technical assistance service we offer” explains Fabio Gecchele who founded the company together with Manuel Zordan. “At the beginning some Italian tanneries tested our machines with caution but then they purchased others to confirm their value” recalls Gecchele. In a short time, the reputation of seriousness and reliability of this young Venetian company has grown and large orders have arrived from the most important Italian tanneries. And Italy is of course the springboard to conquer the rest of the world: “We are working to make ourselves known on all leather markets, from South America to Asia”, explain the two young entrepreneurs.

DHARMA, MD and MD-SU: these are three product lines on which Revomec invests substantial resources in order to give customers finishing plants built with selected materials and cutting-edge technologies, “they are always easy to use, able to simplify the work of the tanner and to improve the quality of the finishing”. Milling drums produced by the Venetian company are suitable for all application sectors, from footwear to clothing, from leather goods to various fashion items, from furnishing to the interiors of cars, planes and ships. “Thanks to the versatility of our machines – points out Gecchele – it is possible to work leathers of all types and origins. Furthermore, we always offer the possibility of customising the systems based on individual production needs”.

A great success of Revomec are the multifunctional milling drums of the Dharma series, appreciated for their compactness and reliability in the production and control of the drumming process. These machines ensure fast adjustment and minimum programming times, as well as low energy consumption. Dharma is equipped with the latest generation software to manage production in a simpler and more precise way and with the patented Re-Wash system, which automatically washes and sanitises the drum.