The metal-free system offered by Dermacolor, guarantees top-notch results in terms of grain’s quality and tanning performance so as to be used in the following processing steps, including the garment dyeing. “With our process, by going through the pivotal wet white pre-tanning phase (Dry White Dermacolor), we are able to produce articles for all sectors, from footwear to clothing, from furniture to automotive”.

Development and research have always been the engine of the Tuscan chemical-tanning company that operates through cutting-edge research laboratories. “All chemical parameters such as the level of tanning metals (more specifically, chromium, aluminium, titanium, iron and zirconium) and of free formaldehyde, are carefully monitored and assessed by our technicians during the early phases of the item”, tells us Dermacolor. Special attention is also paid to the issue of wastewaters, by using specific fatliquors conceived to lower their COD rate.
Dermacolor has developed a new series of organic dyestuffs for the finishing of hides in order to avoid the problems usually related to the usage of metal-complex dyes that, in some cases, might negatively affect the analytical result of the metal-free process. Special protective agents boast top-rate performances in all the items dedicated to the furniture and automotive sectors.

Last year Dermacolor made major investments in its headquarters of Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa). Basically, the surface of the plant was almost doubled, expanding above all the spaces dedicated to leather finishing, now equipped with new spraying booths, roller machines, sampling tables and other equipment necessary to develop new items. Investments aimed at giving a great impetus to the finishing activity with the ever new proposal of articles capable of stimulating the market.