Dermochimica presents NEMOGRADE, a new range of products especially studied for leather upgrading.
Thanks to their remarkable masking power, the new auxiliaries developed by the Lombard chemical-tanning company can be applied on all types of low selection leathers to obtain high standard articles. In fact, NEMOGRADE series allows to mask grain defects and enlarge the usable surface area. Another important topic is represented by the final result which is natural-like and absolutely not loaded. Let's see the characteristics of the different products.

NEMOGRADE POL has a special formulation based on a compound of waxes and polymers. It gives a fine upgrade, focusing on articles for shoes, garment and leather goods. It is recommended when a uniform absorption is needed and consequently to mask small defects on leathers. NEMOGRADE POL has got an excellent re-polishability, giving to the final article a very natural aspect, not loaded at all. The suggested application is by spray or by roller coat, in particular on full grain leathers where a re-polishable and burnishable effect is required.

NEMOGRADE PL-100 is a chemical with a peculiar formulation designed to achieve a medium upgrade on leathers utilized for the production of shoes, garment and leather goods. It can be applied by various finishing methods such as spatula, pad and roller coat or by spray. This versatile auxiliary effectively contributes to level the absorption and to mask medium defects, like insect stings, low grains and scars. After its utilization, the leathers result very even, with a silky touch as well as an excellent reactivity.
It is possible to use NEMOGRADE PL 100 both on corrected grain and full grain leathers. Its excellent re-polishability allows the production of burnishable articles.

NEMOGRADE SX is a compound of covering polymers and represents and innovative way to eliminate grain defects. Very damaged crusts can be processed with NEMOGRADE SX getting remarkable results, easily and quickly. It can be applied both on full grain and corrected grain leathers, by various application methods, depending on the type and deepness of the defect to be covered. In presence of very damaged leathers, it is recommended to pad or to apply by spatula, while if there are minor defects, application by roller coat or by spray may be enough.
Thanks to its original technology, NEMOGRADE SX has very good anchorage properties, avoiding any buffing operation after its application. The final aspect of the leather appears uniform, sealed and not loaded.

Above, a finished leather treated with Nemograde POL

Damaged crust before application
Finished leather with Nemograde SX
Finished leather with Nemograde PL 100