Design, develop and manage innovative and sustainable industrial development paths for the Campania district. With this objective, was founded the network contract “Campania Innovative Leather to Sustainable Industry”, officially established on Monday 17 December. It will be led by Edoardo Imperiale, general manager of SSIP (Italian Leather Research Institute).
First of all, the programme envisages the creation of an umbrella brand that identifies the network and member companies, highlighting the characteristics of traceability, sustainability and circularity and the links with the territories to which they belong. All aimed at the development and implementation of an industrial development and process innovation programme based on sustainability and circularity. More generally, the focus will be on research, sectoral redevelopment, communication and marketing challenges.
“We bring together Campania’s excellencies and above all those of the Solofra district, to improve process quality and to protect the environment. We win if we are united”, comments Edoardo Imperiale, general manager of the Italian Leather Research Institute, who has just been appointed President of the network contract “Campania Innovative Leather to Sustainable Industry”. Giuseppe de Maio is Vice President and Luciano Guarino, Guido de Cesare, Carmine Gargiulo are members of the leading body.
To protect the numbers of a leading sector in Campania, promoters point at activating innovative collaboration mechanisms to plan, in a metadistrict logic, innovative and sustainable industrial development paths, aimed at new business models. “Networks, putting together the best experiences, represent a winning choice”, restates Ciro Fiola, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples”.
These are the companies that made up the Network contract: Centro diagnostico Baronia srl, Dever srl, Dlg srl, Dmd Solofra spa, Equa Società srl, Fratelli Guarino Di Donato, Gargiulo Leather srl, Laser fashion srl, Margu srl, Progetto Pelle industria conciaria srl, Pronto Pelli srl, Siciliano Pellami srl, Italian Leather Research Institute, United Transport System and soon Tari and Gala Gloves.