Present at Prossimapelle on 15 July, Chimica Vemar presented a selection of fashion proposals for the A/W 21-22 season and some items made with a new antibacterial treatment based on biocides, such as Nappa and Leather Goods. “These methods concern both the wet phase and the finishing phase and derive from the automotive sector, where the need to keep the bacterial load of the environments under control is particularly felt. Now we have modified and adapted them to meet the requirements of the hides used in the footwear and leather goods sectors”, explains to us the company. In particular, the antibacterial treatment is based on a new component developed and patented by Chimica Vemar which increases the absorption of tannins and retanning agents and reduces COD emssions. Features that evidently improve its efficiency and sustainability profile.
Since 1989 Chimica Vemar has been offering its customers a complete assistance service in the processing of leather starting from the first stages of the tanning phase up to finished leather. With a range of over two thousand products and a staff of technicians specialised in both wet processing and finishing stages, it works side by side with customers providing the best solutions in terms of technologies, process and products.
Since 2012 it has also been present in Tuscany with a technical laboratory and a warehouse and its new headquarters in Castelfranco di Sotto which today offers a direct technical assistance service and delivers products in even faster times.
Chimica Vemar is also active on the market with products from other companies. In particular in the Veneto region it represents Dermakim, a chemical company specialising in green fertilisers, basifying, retanning, fatliquoring and auxiliary products and, since 1998, the German multinational Schill + Seilacher for the following regions: Veneto, Tuscany, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino-Alto Adige and Lombardy.