At the fair in Milan, Equitan presented the new version of its antistatic conveyors belts, known for the biconical shape that allows the conveyor to remain homogeneously stretched over the entire surface, which has been further improved thanks to the addition of a treatment based on a particular carbon compound that enhances the antistatic action and also the duration, renamed “Condutex BoB”. Continuing on the subject of conveyors, another new item is Condubelt Silver Power, an antistatic this time stiff belt, ideal for the installation on dedusting machines, which in addition to having conductive fibres in the warp and weft boasts a further coating based on dust silver.

At the Venetian company’s booth, the Wi-Fi Gauge made in carbon fibre for measuring leather thickness, which can be provided with maps that facilitate its use, also stirred up interest among operators. A small but very useful device: thanks to the software it is equipped with, it is also used to monitor production phases, control quality and for statistical purposes.

The Veneto-based company finally presented the new pneumatic stamping device, model QSU 4, to mark leathers in stainless steel, equipped with a double steel shaft that is supplied to the customer with a series of digits and letters.