The transfer to the new location will allow the complete and definitive implementation of the planned measures that go from the modernisation of the laboratories – with investments in new technical equipment and research infrastructures – to the renewed offer of the services to be delivered, as soon as the service card becomes fully operational (tariffs, delivery times, free services for tanneries) and Accredia certification of ISO 17025 laboratories.

The ultimate goal of the Italian Leather Research Institute is the repositioning of its role, to establish itself as a competent National Research Centre for Innovation, able to provide services and develop projects aimed at developing the tanning industry and leather-based sectors. Research is considered the fundamental tool to enable Italian tanners to achieve excellence and to confirm their international leadership over time, in a global and complex market, as the one of leather and tanning materials. In essence, the Italian Leather Research Institute intends to become the intermediary of innovation between tanneries and end users, in particular fashion houses and suppliers of car manufacturers. A mission to support companies in the entire leather supply chain with a view to consolidating their international leadership in terms of production quality, technological development and sustainability.

The new areas dedicated to the Politecnico del Cuoio and the new laboratory dedicated to experimental research and custom innovation services will enable the Italian Leather Research Institute to develop new projects to support companies in the supply chain, also through a continuous synergy with CNR institutes operating within the same Area as well as being the operational and qualified headquarters of “advanced laboratories and technological demonstrators” as partners of the national technological clusters promoted by MIUR, the Cluster on Made in Italy and the Green Chemistry Cluster and Sustainability. These partnerships will allow SSIP to participate in national decision-making tables on national investments in research and innovation for our supply chain.

The creation of a dedicated Laboratory for experimental researches also aims to put the Italian Leather Research Institute in condition of implementing industrial applied research activities to get closer to the outlet market and the real needs of “client” companies. In recent months, the Italian Leather Research Institute has proved to be a competent authoritative structure, implementing 10 research lines and planning another 8 in collaboration with the University and CNR. Research programs have been reorganised with the aim of developing radically innovative technologies, processes and products and to reduce environmental impact through a continuous synergy with Universities, Enea and above all with CNR institutes operating within the Olivetti Area itself.