TFL is a globally operating company producing specialty chemicals for the leather industry and related industries. In this article it introduces its new technologies for automotive leathers. In particular, according to TFL, leathers fatliquored with CORIPOL® LEO achieve a high fastness profile combined with good inner softness and pleasant surface touch. Its performance in regards to low emission (VOC & FOG & odor), fogging (gravimetric & reflectometric), and high light & heat fastness makes CORIPOL® LEO especially suitable for `Big Specifiers` in the automotive sector. This is a highly concentrated, pump able product with good storage stability; ideal for automotive production where automated dosing systems are standard. CORIPOL® LEO features: low odor and excellent fogging values, extremely low VOC and FOG values including Toyota & Ford 10L Bag test, low COD values, good fastness to light – & heat – and climate tests, good stability to hard water and retanning floats, pronounced softening effect on wet blue and wet white articles, full and silky handle with a uniform and fine milling pattern.
CORIPOL® AV is a versatile fatliquor based on a combination of modified sustainable natural & synthetic softening agents for tight articles with low odor and low emissions. It features: low emissions including Toyota and Ford requirements, very good fogging values (gravimetric & reflectometric), very good tightness, good physical properties, pump able and suitable for road tanker and flexi-tanks.
MAGNOPAL® BP is a polymer which is particularly suitable for filling and firming loose structured skins and hides in the wet-end process delivering outstanding tightness to the final articles. MAGNOPAL® BP imparts excellent physical values and is highly recommended to be used for light weight automotive articles. This product features: low odor and excellent fogging values, excellent filling and tightening, outstanding physical values and low COD values.