Important improvements have been made for the range of machines dedicated to the processing of exotic leathers produced by S.F. Officina Meccanica 1930, specialist in this sector. The structure of its Lissa M-Glossy, the machine that shines and gives brilliance to crocodile and reptile skins, now increased in size, was redesigned offering a whole series of new ergonomic devices such as the front pedals, the removable steel bench,  and LED lights on the floor to facilitate the work of the operator who now has more free space for the rotation of the leather.

There are news also for the fleshing machine, another workhorse of the Soldani family, which has been driving the Tuscan mechanical company for three generations, now equipped with a unique and openable carter to facilitate cleaning and washing operations, made of painted stainless steel, and with a transparent oscillating hinge with LED lighting for a better view of the work surface.