The best seller model in Aeffe Machinery is called Multifunction Evo. Its success has a simple explanation: the machine allows you obtain all available working processes with the different machines designed by the Tuscan company over the last few years: perforations and punching of all shapes and sizes, micro-perforations, foils transfer and transfer paper, cuts for the weavings, light and repetitive prints by small drawings, heating working processes, scaling, cutting, and so on.

“Unlike our other Light Multifunction machines where each working process (drilling/cutting/scaling) needs to have special moulds and the proper underlying aluminum basis, in the EVO model you will use a single basis for all working processes, thus optimising time and money. The machine (available in two sizes, 1.6 or 1.8 metres) is also equipped with a laser to control the standard cut working process” explains the company Aeffe.

A further technological improvement that offers the possibility of greatly increase the quantity of articles achievable with our machineries is given by the brand new “Needling system”. By setting in very few steps the conformation of the working head, the machine makes it possible to create surprising needled drawings by “extracting them” even from simple crusts coupled with woolly materials.