Leader in the creation of high value-added tannery auxiliaries, already in 2008 – and also thanks to the contribution of the Tuscany Region under the call for tenders – FGL International designed and developed a revolutionary and innovative metal-free process that goes beyond the limits of the current technologies applied in terms of product results and environmental advantages.
This tanning process, named RELEASYS® (REvolutionary LEAther SYStem) whose brand was registered, was designed and implemented by FGL International with the aim of increasing the production efficiency of tanneries in respect of the environment. Over the years the process has been further improved to the point of obtaining articles with characteristics very similar to the traditional chrome concepts.

“Our metal-free tanning system – explains FGL – offers many important advantages, which can be summarised as follows: greater surface yield, from 5 to 7% more than traditional methods, less pollution in wastewater baths, non-polluting processing waste (shaving, trimming), more uniform and brilliant dyes with less used colours, physical resistance equal to or greater than traditional processes, almost unchanged products”.