OXY CAR is the new series of pigments designed specifically for the automotive sector by the GSC Group, the result of long research aimed at achieving the highest standards in the industry. “OXY CAR dispersions have a high technological content – the Veneto-based chemical-tanning company explains – Pigments that compose this new line have been selected from among the best available in terms of chemical-physical solidity, constancy and ecological profile.  All raw materials are selected exclusively from the portfolio of accredited suppliers who share the same technical objectives with us”.

An important strong point of the new line is the wide range of choices. “One of the most difficult challenges in producing leather for car interiors is to combine the colours of the various components without generating metamerism; the materials used in the vehicle, in fact, differ in chemical composition and surface structure – the management of the line explains to us -. “The OXY CAR range contains a wide selection of high quality tones, both opaque and semi-transparent. This makes it possible to correctly reproduce the spectral curve of a large number of colours”.

There is also space for personalisation and style: “Our metallic pigments with glass effect, interference pigments and much else, it is possible to achieve any particular fashion effect”. It is equally important to ensure repeatability.
Currently the market of finishing products offers a huge amount of different binders and auxiliaries and, therefore, it is not unusual to observe some incompatibilities that can generate problems in reproducing the desired hue. “Our pigments are designed to minimise these problems, whatever the binder used. A careful selection of raw materials and the continuous evolution of production techniques allow us to obtain a colour consistency from one batch to another that is rather unique in the sector. This allows the customer to accelerate the production process, minimising the corrections of colour mixtures” declares the Gsc Group’s management. The requests from the automotive brands are the most diverse in terms of specifications, tolerances and use of equipment. For this reason the Gsc Group uses regularly spectrophotometers of various brands, also operating with different geometries, in order to constantly keep them at the highest upgrate level of the operating software. Gsc Group ensures the continuous monitoring of restricted substances.