The new tool available to tanneries to quantify the environmental impact of their products is called PEF – PEFCR in full, that is to say, Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules. Basically, all the rules necessary to calculate the environmental footprint of the products according to a consensual method approved last April in Europe upon a proposal by Cotance and Unic. As is by now known, PEF was born of the need to establish a single European method for assessing the environmental impact of a product, offering users a standardized system for quantifying it and thus for reducing it.

This new self-diagnosis tool will help tanners to know their company’s production process better and to remedy the problems that may arise. The system, which is currently being tested, uses a software that requires entering the data necessary to evaluate the environmental impact on the basis  of 15 indicators, among which climate change, ozone consumption, the consumption of mineral and fossil resources, the use of land, water consumption and so on.

In the near future, when a brand wants an assessment of a supplier’s commitment in terms of sustainability, will be able to request the PEF certification.