Cartigliano’s stand at the Simac Tanning Tech 2019 was practically a space inspired movie set, a futuristic environment that once again astonished visitors and customers. In addition to video projections of spaceships, the company had the new radio frequency machine (called RF Equaliser) to dry leather in crust that goes alongside the one already presented last year dedicated to finishing on display. “In the field of leather conditioning, radiofrequency is a promising technology that offers important advantages in terms of cost and product quality”, explains the company Officine di Cartigliano, which has devoted years of research to this topic. “The leather, positioned in an electromagnetic radio frequency field, absorbs electrical energy by dielectric dissipation and releases humidity in proportion to the absorbed heat. Hence the drying of the leather takes place homogeneously both on the surface and within the interfibrillar structure”. The radiofrequency system works practically “cold” eliminating thus the problem of losing skin square feet due to heating and ensuring a maximum and final yield. Also dead times are cleared because the machine does not need pre-heating or cooling.

Founded in 1961, Cartigliano, which this year also participated in the Green Week initiative by opening the doors of its plant, has an annual turnover of about forty millions, of which over 80 percent realised in foreign markets.