After the election of the new president, Roberto Mariano Mecenero, already announced in our last issue, on the occasion of the Executive Council on 30 March, the Italian Association of Leather Chemists (AICC) renewed its internal offices for the next three years confirming the desire to promote the tanning culture through the organisation of courses, seminars and various events in all production districts.


Among the already defined commitments, stands out the presentation of the so-called National Library of the sector, based in Arzignano, scheduled for next October, which represents the culmination of a long work based on binding and cataloging books related to tanning chemistry.
Furthermore, the new AICC council confirmed its full support to the Higher Technical Institutes of Tanning Chemistry, thanks to the courses given by the members to enrolled students. The desire to support and assign a scholarship to the best students of the third, fourth and fifth classes of the same Institutes in memory of the deceased Gianni Solunto was confirmed again this year. The new students of the third classes will also be offered the two pivotal books of the sector: “Tanning Chemistry: The Science of Leather” by Anthony Covington and “Possible defects in leather production” by Gerhard John.
Finally,  Aicc informs that a new ambitious but also stimulating project is being studied: the proposal of a two or three year course of seminars to prepare members for the chemical tanning culture, with moments of pure theory aimed at achieving a solid basic preparation alongside the scientific explanation of the various stages of leather processing. Yet another example of AICC’s will to walk down the promotion path of the tanning culture and school education.