“In the current market, it is essential to be constantly at the forefront to be able to offer innovations to your customers, but all this is only possible with continuous investments in R&D”. This is the secret of continuity and success, told by Enrico Gastaldello, owner together with his father Daniele (founder of the company in 1988 and still president) of SYN-BIOS SpA, a chemical industry based in Montebello Vicentino that has been having for over thirty as customers tanning companies of the district of Arzignano and from all over the world. A company that has always been chaired by the Gastaldello family has seen steady growth over time, culminating a few years ago with the launch on the Italian and international market of the INK FOR LEATHER® product family, a revolutionary line of water-based inks designed for both the wet phase and in its version for the finishing process.
“In an historical period of great competition, like this one – specifies Enrico Gastaldello – you cannot be confined to the standard and thinking about continuing to propose things that everyone knows how to do. It is essential to introduce innovative solutions, “specialties” as we love to call them, able to offer the customer something capable of making a difference in terms of performance and sustainability”.
But how does your R&D department work? “A good part of our staff is employed in research and development activities in the various laboratories within the company. Every study or process is followed in detail: inevitably this company philosophy involves huge costs in the short term, but these investments represent in the long run an advantage for the continuous ability to innovate and renew itself”.
And again: “Today sustainability is not a Must just in the fashion and automotive industry, but in all sectors: worldwide specifications are now more demanding and restrictive, which we have long respected, even before everything became an obligation, on “green” procedures. Another request is that of being able to respond as quickly as possible to our customers, for their part subjected to increasingly stringent requests and timelines”.
The Vicenza-based company will end 2019 with a positive sign, with even better results than in 2018. “This year we also restructured some areas, so we expect and believe in satisfactory results also in 2020, and in the following years. Our commercial strategy is to consolidate the markets where we already are more present, namely Europe, South America and Asia, especially China, India and Southeast Asian countries. We better be careful about possible new markets, we think that we maybe should take better care of the already existing costomers in our portfolio”.

Enrico Gastaldello of SYN-BIOS