At Tanning Tech 2020 the brand new rollercoater machine designed by Rotacoat attracted considerable attention. We talk about it with Massimo Valente, at the head (as well as partner) of this start-up led by Barnini, a historic Tuscan company that specialises in the production of spray booths. “Rollercoaters have become fundamental for certain applications and for the extreme variability of the items required today by the market – explains Valente, who can boast a long experience in this specific sector – We are trusting in the market to appreciate an alternative that offers a totally different technological approach to what already exists”.
What are the novelties proposed by this machine? “There are many innovations. Model Rotacoat J1 unites a combination of innovative concepts and represents a generational leap compared to the current technology of roller coating machines”.
What are the main differences? “The machines of the J1 series have been designed to efficiently and very uniformly apply a wide variety of finishing chemicals such as resins for impregnation and fatliquors with both hot and cold oils and waxes, very viscous products such as fillers, sealants and pre-primers both on buffed and full grain leathers and splits, also foamed pigments of all types, for primers and covers and water-based fixing agents”.
On what types of skins? “Reverse finishing is possible on shees and goats, half-cowes, split and whole hides to cover the almost total variety of items, even the softest ones starting from very fine thicknesses (0.4 mm) for clothing, furnishings and automotive interiors up to to thicker articles for footwear and leather goods”.
Also important is the fact that Rotacoats J1 “are able to spread evenly in reverse from few grams per product square foot up to very significant quantities (up to 50 g/ p.q.) In one single step, if necessary”, concludes Valente. Colour change at the maximum speed and easy cleaning of state-of-the-art rollers, high precision application of the finishing film, very high productivity and low maintenance are in short among the main advantages of the Rotacoat technology.