Marc Smit, owner of Smit & Zoon with his father Joost and sister Valerie

For the company’s bicentennial success, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has granted Smit & Zoon the ‘Royal’ predicate, a highly coveted recognition that only a few historic and nationally valued companies can boast. From now on, the Dutch company can bear the title of “Royal Smit & Zoon”. A title that naturally fills the Smit family with pride, which for two hundred years, in the seventh generation, has been engaged in the production and marketing of chemical products for tanneries.
“For our company, this is literally and figuratively the crown on our work. With this honour, the King is granting Smit & Zoon a visible reward for the efforts of seven generations of entrepreneurship, innovation, and care for our customers”, said Marc Smit, today at the lead of the company.
“For us, this is also an incentive to continue on our road to sustainable innovation. In 2021, being innovative comes with responsibility: creating a socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain. Our core mission is the same as it was in 1821: to create value for customers, shareholders, employees, and society through the development of product and process innovations”.