Choosing the easy way out has never been part of our DNA – looking for the best possible solution, whatever the endeavor, is all the more. It’s probably one of the main reasons why Smit & Zoon has been leading the way in the leather value chain for some decades now.
The last novelty launched in to the market is called Zeology, a new tanning solution that seems really revolutionary introduced to the automotive market first.
No doubt that Automotive is one of the most demanding market within the whole industry. “That is exactly why it also represents the ideal place to land for Zeology. As Frank Sinatra said about New York: if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere. The automotive industry is ‘our New York’: nowhere the demands are higher, the users are more critical, and the introduction of new products is more difficult. For us, it was clear from the start: if you are convinced to have developed the new standard in tanning, where else would you want to go?” experts from Smit & Zoon explain.

And again: “We are extremely proud of what we achieved by developing Zeology. This tanning solution is the game-changer that does not compromise on leather performance. It is chrome-free, heavy metal-free, aldehyde-free, and easy to implement. It offers the environmental benefits of a sustainable alternative to chrome and glutardialdehyde tanning plus a reliable and consistent quality of the tanned material.
It perfectly fits in Smit’s tradition of combining quality and safety, because Zeology delivers both sustainability benefits and superior leather performance”.

Due to its characteristics of effectiveness and sustainability, this new tanning system is destined to become the new standard according to Smit & Zoon. “OEMs are showing a great deal of interest and our partners in Zeology are at an advanced stage in the use of Zeology tanned leather in a number of highest-rated car brands. We are extremely proud of the collaboration with several distinguished tanneries. They have been pioneering alongside us for years, step-by-step turning an idea into – indeed – the new standard. Together we proved to live up to the high expectations we imposed on ourselves. After the successful lab pilots in these tanneries, we were able to scale up the technology and partner with a wide range of other tanneries worldwide”.

Having chosen the most difficult path, namely the automotive sector, for the launch of Zeology is proving to be the right choice but it is only the beginning. “ From here, we will not only further spread our solution within the automotive industry but also started deploying it in segments like upholstery, high-end fashion, shoe & leather goods”.
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