Tecnochimica is a young and dynamic Tuscan chemical-tanning company. Founded in 2004, it rapidly became successful in the tanning sector thanks to its wide range of chemical products, all based on quality and respect for the environment: synthetic tannins, resins, oils, liming auxiliaries, dyes and finishing products. Metal-free tanning is one of the most important challenges that its internal  Research and Development laboratory has taken on.

 “When you think of soft and elastic leather, the “hand” of chromium or of aldehyde tanning comes to mind. For our metal-free system, we have chosen these characteristics as a reference, and we can guarantee not only that we have achieved our goal, but also that some characteristics have even been improved”, the Tecnochimica experts tell us.

What kind of products do you use in your metal-free tanning system?

 “We use synthetic tannins, polymers with low levels of formaldehyde and free phenols besides fatliquors entirely produced by us in order to obtain a high level of affinity with our metal-free pre-tanning”.

 Field experience shows that the Tuscan company is right: “In order to consolidate our research, we have commissioned local professionals to produce various items for the leather goods sector and the footwear sector in order for us to have an exchange with well-known craftsmen that have confirmed the effectiveness of our system”.

What are the results? “The product destined for the footwear sector has characteristics of excellent resistance to the mechanical stress of the tack-lasting machine and seat and shank lasting machine, as well as the leather destined for the leather goods sector, which can be folded along four edges without the grain yielding at all”.